Jenna Gripp

Mortgage Advisor

On the Enneagram test, Jenna is a 2: the Helper. That is why she strives to help all of her customers to best of her ability and has for many years.

She started working for a short sale processing company in 2013.  Helping customers pull out of debt and move into a new chapter of their lives gave Jenna the drive to successfully close over 200 short sales all while assisting the managing broker on his conventional transactions as well.

Once the market started picking up, Jenna decided to try her hand at another avenue in the field: escrow closing.  Her extroverted personality was fueled by the ability of providing an easy transaction for both buyers and sellers.

When she was approached to join the Heideman group, Jenna didn’t hesitate to accept the opportunity.  Finally a chance to put her college major of math to work and expand her industry knowledge.

Jenna enjoys spending her time with two kids galavanting around the metro area. She also enjoys reading, singing, and playing video games with her boyfriend.

Jenna Gripp

Mortgage Advisor
314.542.5157 – work
618.250.7915 – cell

License Numbers:
NMLS: 2015774
MO: 2015774
IL: 031.0062301