Looking to Join?

The Heideman Group is always looking to speak with qualified personnel to join our group.

A job with the Heideman Group at Delmar Mortgage is unlike any other you’ve had. You’ll be challenged. You’ll be inspired. And you’ll be proud. Because whatever your job is here, you’ll be part of something that makes you happy. Being in business since 1966, we have been tried and tested and withstood the test of time.

Why Mortgage Loan Originators Choose The Heideman Group

  1. They Want Personal Development. We are committed to investing in your development. Other lenders are primarily concerned with their own development. We believe that if we invest in your development, in the long run our group and company will come out far stronger than if we just focus on our own development. To that end, we personally mentor every loan originator on how to become a Mortgage Advisor and grow their business exponentially.
  2. They Want to Be a Part of a Creative, Innovative Organization.  When you come to The Heideman Group you join a team of creative innovators looking to personalize the mortgage industry. Our creativity and innovation has gotten Delmar Mortgage named one of St. Louis’ Top 150 Privately Held Companies by the St. Louis Business Journal.
  3. They Want a Positive, Encouraging, Family Oriented Environment.  We value a workplace where we all benefit from each other’s strengths. We work for harmony within the relationships with our office and many of our employees are friends both in the office and out of it.
  4. They Want Unlimited Earning Potential. Our compensation agreement allows Mortgage Advisors to have unlimited earning potential. There is no cap on earnings, or ceilings on how far you could develop your business. We offer benefits including health, life, dental & vision insurance and company matching retirement accounts.
  5. They want to be on a team that has in-house underwriting, and a super-low loan officer to support staff ratio. Additionally, we have dedicated loan processors, closing and funding team that will assist you in closing loans by fulfilling underwriting conditions and arranging the details regarding closing. This means clients get great care from us and realtors love to work with our company.
  6. They want easy access to the decision makers. Robert Heideman and all three (3) owners of Delmar Mortgage have an open-door policy and always available. All processing, underwriting, compliance, shipping and every other department is within our four walls. If there is a problem with any file, everyone will stop what they are doing to solve the problem at hand. Our underwriters understand the basic concept that if our Mortgage Advisors can’t get the answers they are seeking, loans can’t move forward and we all lose money.
  7. They want to be a part of something that is on the rise. Delmar Mortgage is the second oldest privately held mortgage company in St. Louis. Over the recent years, we have dramatically increased our staff and production to rise in the ranks from a boutique firm to a larger firm competing with the big boys, but remaining true to the boutique feel and flexibility.
  8. They want great marketing training. All new loan officers will be trained to become Mortgage Advisors and taught the effective marketing strategies associated with this designation.
  9. They want to be a part of win-win relationships. Delmar believes that if Mortgage Advisors focus on helping customers succeed and our company focuses on helping Mortgage Advisors succeed that everyone wins at every level.
  10. We will be honest; our hiring process is rigorous and our company is not for everyone. But if you think you have what it takes to become a Mortgage Advisor, please give us a call.