History of The Heideman Group

After moving to St. Louis in 2007, Robert Heideman ventured into the real estate financing industry. He first served as the head of a loan department at a national real estate investment company for two years, managing a $36 million portfolio that taught him the dos and don’ts of loan creation.

Prior to St. Louis, Robert had spent a decade in Chicago where he ran several companies that leveraged the real estate market. He traded in numerous residential and commercial properties, bought non-performing mortgages, ran a full-service brokerage firm, and operated a construction company. Additionally, he converted apartments to condos, built new homes, and redeveloped vacant land into a vast residential condo and townhome community.

Robert understands that experience alone won’t suffice without the fundamental ability to listen to clients and fulfill their requests. This is why he established The Heideman Group in 2013. It is a specialized team of Mortgage Advisors who are trained to analyze clients’ financial and personal goals and compare them with their current financial landscape. The outcome is the creating of a perfect loan strategy that is devised to help homeowners maximize their net worth while reducing their overall interest expense