Future Monitoring of Your Loan

monitoring your loan

As Mortgage Advisors, our goal is not only to provide you with the perfect loan strategy when you purchase or refinance your home, but also to ensure that you continue to have the perfect loan strategy throughout the life of your loan. To achieve this, we subscribe to exceptional software that monitors various aspects of your loan and alerts us each morning with an email identifying clients who can benefit from adjusting their loan. Since the mortgage market is constantly changing, it’s essential to have your loan professionally and consistently managed.

We actively track the details of your loan and the market to ensure that you still have the best mortgage program to align with your financial objectives. If at any point in the future your financial goals or life plan changes, please let us know immediately so we can adjust our strategy accordingly.

Our software monitors opportunities related to:

  • Securing lower interest rates

  • Reducing the loan term

  • Removing monthly mortgage insurance

  • Utilizing the equity in your home

  • Tracking the estimated property value of your home

  • Monitoring the maturity date of your loan

  • Tracking the dates your Adjustable Rate Mortgage will adjust

  • New loan programs that may improve your financial position

  • Changes in regulations and the market that may provide value to you.

Since your loan and financial needs are specific to you and your family, the more we know about your goals, the better we can cater our software to your needs. If your life plan has changed, please keep us informed as there might be a better option for you. For instance, if you’re planning to move within the next few years, switching to an Adjustable Rate Mortgage might help you save a couple of thousand dollars. We can only advise on the things we know, so please keep us informed.

When an opportunity arises, we will reach out immediately and let you know. Since mortgage interest rates can be extremely volatile, these opportunities may only last for a few hours (or days if we’re lucky). Therefore, we strongly advise you to make time to speak with us when we reach out, so we can discuss your options and help you make an informed decision.