Document Checklist

Document Checklist

Once you have submitted your mortgage loan application and have decided to proceed with The Heideman Group powered by Delmar Mortgage, the next step is to gather documentation to verify all the information provided. This is called the “Processing” phase of your loan. Once we have received all the required documents, your file will then move to the “Underwriting” phase where we can determine if your loan details meet national underwriting guidelines.

To help you with this process, we have provided a comprehensive document checklist that needs to be gathered for all the people who will be on the loan. By being thorough and detail-oriented in this phase, we can ensure a stress-free process without any surprises at the end. Upon reviewing your documentation, you may be asked to provide additional paperwork to qualify for the best interest rates and mortgage program.

Below you will find a comprehensive document checklist we need you to gather.  By being very thorough and detail oriented now, we can ensure an extremely easy and stress-free process, with no surprises at the end. Upon review of the below, you may be asked to provide additional paperwork in order to qualify for the best interest rates and mortgage program. The below should be collected for all people that will be on the loan.

Pay Stubs

30 days of pay stubs, and/or any other form of regular income (Social Security, Pension, Annuity, etc.).

Bank Statements

Two months of actual bank statements.  We are going to get pretty detailed here because underwriters are extremely strict when it comes to bank statements.

  • Statements must be properly formatted to show ALL pages, the bank’s logo, your full name and address, and full account number(s).\
  • If there are any non-payroll deposits over $1,000, please provide copies of the actual checks being deposited. Most banks give you the ability to click on the deposit in question to see the details. We will also need you to provide an explanation so we know where the money came from (if not self-explanatory).
  • If there are large transfers in from other accounts you own, we will need to see the statements from those accounts as well.

Investment/Retirement Account Statements

Most recent 401(k), IRA, brokerage, mutual funds, stock accounts, etc.  As with bank statements, we will need to see ALL pages of these statements.


All that were issued in the past two (2) years. We do NOT need 1099s from Interest Income.

Federal Tax Returns – Personal

All schedules from the most recent two (2) years filed.  If you don’t have these on your computer, your tax preparer should be able to email these files to you and/or me directly with your permission.

  • If you filed an extension on your tax return, please provide that documentation along with the canceled check showing you paid your estimated taxes to the government (if applicable).

Homeowners Insurance Declaration Page

Copy of your homeowners insurance declaration page. This will show your annual premium and when the current policy is set to expire. If you can’t find this, please send the contact information for your insurance agent and my team will handle the rest.  This applies to Refinance transactions.

Mortgage Statement

Most recent monthly mortgage statement(s) for ALL loans that are tied to ALL properties you own. This applies to Refinance transactions.

Additional Docs Might Be Needed Based on Your Specific Situation

  • If self-employed (own more than 25% of any company), Corporate Tax Returns from the most recent two (2) years filed.
  • For VA loans, DD-214 (Discharge Papers) and your Certificate of Eligibility.
  • If property is currently held in a Trust, complete copy of executed Trust Agreement, including signature page.
  • Full Bankruptcy schedule along with the Discharge papers.
  • Complete copy of your Divorce Decree and any Maintenance and/or Child Support Agreements.
  • If recently graduated (within the past 2 years), a copy of your diploma or transcripts.
  • If recently sold a property (within the past 6 months), a copy of the signed Closing Disclosure Statement.


Your personal and financial information will be kept in strict confidence. Delmar Mortgage adheres to standardized privacy policies; we do not share your information with anyone not directly involved in the processing, underwriting, or servicing of your loan. Delmar Mortgage does not rent, share, or distribute your information to any third party and we do not endorse anyone to market to you on our behalf. All communications with you about your loan will include all of our contact information including logo, address and phone number. If you have any concerns whatsoever with your information, please contact us immediately. We are here to help you every step of the way.